شب 8 / Night 8


عباس یمینی شریف

Abbas e Yamini ye Sharif (Children's poet)


Part 1

نقش خانواده در تربیت کودک

The role of families in raising children


Part 2

"هرچه داریم از اسلام داریم"

"All we have is from Islam"


Part 3

اندیشه ها و عقاید خود را بر فرزندانمان تحمیل نکنیم

Let's not impose our own ideas on our children


Part 4

ما مالک کودکانمان نیستیم

We are not the 'owners' of our children


Part 5

عقل (معرفت) و دین مثل آب و روغن است

Wisdom and religion are like water and oil


Part 6

تقدس یعنی چه؟ - دکتر عبدالکریم سروش چه می گوید؟

What is 'sacred'? - What is Dr Soroush talking about?


Part 7

آقای دکتر عبدالکریم سروش - لطفا سنگرتان را مشخص کنید

Dear Dr Soroush, please tell us where you are coming from!



خسته نباشید!

Persian old songs

shokoofeha (Vigen)


Persian Lullaby (for Persian students) - Please note that this may be slightly different from what I have presented on Easy Persian


And this one is a local dance from Mazandaran province, north of Iran. You may not be able to understand the lyrics, neither do I! Just watch the granny!